So recently I decided to remake my website and make it into something that I like that I could easily manage myself. I decided to go with my own built solution for a couple of reasons.

Why didn't I go with any of the other solutions?
One solution that I had tried is Jekyll and while I did get something working that was pretty good, I couldn't find a theme that I liked. Jekyll is a static site generator and has tons of good features so totally check that out if it fits your needs.
I could have created my own Jekyll theme that looks like this, but I thought it would be easier to make my own thing. Maybe in the future I'll move to Jekyll.

The "simplicity" of UwUSite
So I made UwUSite with the idea all of the posts on pages are individual files that can be moved around, modified, and viewed in the terminal with ease. This allows a sites structure to be viewed relatively easily, show what files are where, the names of posts you made and the order they are in.
Here's what my blog's file structure looks like.

├── 001_header.php
├── articles
│   ├── 001_librevoid
│   │   ├── 001_maincontent.php
│   │   ├── froid
│   │   ├── index.php
│   │   ├── liberatingvoid.html
│   │   ├── liberatingvoid.txt
│   │   └── post_info.php
│   ├── 002_sstf
│   │   ├── 001_maincontent.php
│   │   ├── index.php
│   │   ├── post_info.php
│   │   └── sstf
│   ├── 003_Diceware
│   │   ├── 001_maincontent.php
│   │   ├── dice
│   │   ├── index.php
│   │   └── post_info.php
│   ├── 004_TwitchJS
│   │   ├── 001_maincontent.php
│   │   ├── bvod
│   │   ├── index.php
│   │   ├── post_info.php
│   │   ├── twitchbroad
│   │   └── twitchdir
│   └── 005_UwUSite
│       ├── 001_maincontent.php
│       ├── index.php
│       └── post_info.php
└── index.php
The way UwUSite is setup makes it easy for users to just copy and paste previous pages and posts they made and modify them to create new posts. For me this makes management very easy. Not only that but it's setup so that if for some reason the user wants more than one post on a page it's as simple as copying the content file you already have, paste it, and increase the post number.
It's expandable, hackable, and relatively simple to keep up with.

UwUSite's current weaknesses
UwUSite is far from perfect. While it currently does do what I need it to do it is missing some features that some people may consider needed.
One of which is RSS, while I'm not sure if it's all that needed these days, I know that I used to use it and that plenty of other people probably still do. UwUSite also doesn't currently support tags for posts.
There is also a small limitation with the current implementation, currently you can only have 1000 posts for a blog or page. While I doubt that I will personally reach that limit, you can't be sure that others wont. Fortunately that's a rather simple change and it might be possible to make that a config variable in a later version.

Check it out!
You can check out my source code on my personal git or you can check it out on my GitHub.

Also if you actually read this much, you're awesome. :)