Project UwU originally started as a name for group of friends I have made. Project UwU was originally founded September 6th, 2020. There isn't much backstory to the name Project UwU, it got its name because I like UwU and the term project leaves the scope of the group open to change. As when the group was started there wasn't really much of an idea what the group would be about or what it would have to offer. Then as time went on the purpose of Project UwU was found in games, tech services, and having a friendly community.

How Do You Join?
To join Project UwU first you must know that there are a couple of rules that must be followed and we have a 0 tolerance policy regarding it.

  • Under no circumstances may you discriminate against any members for their race, sexual orientation or gender. Project UwU strives to be a friendly and accepting environment and anyone who does not follow this rule will be immediately removed.
  • Project UwU forums, chats, or other services does not allow for the posting of NSFW material (images, videos, erotic role play). If it's a joke and doesn't go too far (ex: you're not just posting pictures of porn) then it may be okay. If you're worried then just keep it short and use a spoiler tag to mark it as such. Any serious sharing of pornographic or lewd material should be done consensually outside of Project UwU.
Used mostly for storing information permanently as the group chat deletes after 2 weeks.

Steam Group Chat
Invite links are currently broken, so just add Arisu on Steam and ask to join.

About Owners/Contact
Site/server maintainer and founder of Project UwU.
Steam Profile
XMPP: arisu@projectuwu.com
Email: arisuuwu32@gmail.com

Server maintainer/owner and co-founder of Project UwU.
Steam Profile