I think I may have been acting selfishly.
Over the last couple of weeks or so I have tried to regain some of the friends I had lost that I mentioned in my previous posts. And while it did make me happy that I could have possibly made things better. It has gotten me thinking a bit.

Am I selfish for trying to fix things? I've hurt others, ask for forgiveness, and try to make things better. I do it because I don't like people not liking me or hating me and try to change how things are. But maybe it's because I feel guilt?
I suppose I try to get rid of that bad feeling I have. I don't really know if I am actually helping or causing more hurt. Maybe it would be better if I had just not done anything and disappeared. I don't know.

In a perfect world I wouldn't mess up as much as I have, but this world is very imperfect.