I don't really know. The last few days I've been exceptionally tired. Sort of just have been awake for a few hours then sleeping more. It sucks.

I streamed again recently and it wasnt too bad. No one except one or two people were there cause it was really late into the morning.

I've still been a bit lost with what I want to do, but it's hard to think about that or have motivation for it if I'm tired like this. I hope it's just a temporary thing and that I'll feel better soon. Waiting as always huh?

Also I've been thinking about adding rss to this site, but I mean, do people even use RSS anymore? I mean I know that some people do but I'm not sure if it's worth writing really. Maybe I'll add it if enough people ask for it or something. Doubt I'll write content on here that people are really interested in reading though.

Also I think I'll work on adding more things to the cyb page. That way there is more than just my shitty blog lol

Enough rambling