I don't even really know anymore.

I decided I'm gonna give up streaming on Twitch. It's not like I didn't enjoy it necessarily but I just don't really have the support for it and without that I just don't have the motivation to continue with it anymore. I'm sorry to anyone I let down.

I've been kind of depressed lately. Or at least I suppose you could describe it like that. I've been trying to find things that can be productive or that I can put time into because I recently quit playing Tower Unite. Which I know, I never thought I'd say that either.

I suppose maybe I lost too many friends and I don't really have interest in where the game is headed. But I've been trying to fill that time, and well I thought maybe streaming could be that but I've just been lying to myself. I'm not really doing anything productive doing it. Just playing games as I have been.

Lately I've been trying to occupy myself with tech related stuff. I don't really know how much more productive it is but I think it's better.

I don't know. I'm lost and I don't feel good.