Project UwU: game servers, services, blog, and more!
Also do note that when 'I' is being used I am referring to myself, the current site maintainer, Arisu.

On this page I will probably talk about updates I make to the site or important announcements about our services/projects.

Quick summary of our available pages

TECH_BLOG Articles about tips, tricks, and software I have learned about over the years.
GIT A Gitea instance to host approved members git projects.
VIDEO A privately hosted peertube instance.
AWESOME Everyone and everything that I think is awesome!
SERVICES A list of services that we run and information regarding them.
/cyb/ everything cyberpunk
MISC Things that don't quite have a place. A box of fun if you will.
INFORMATION About Project UwU, it's owners, maintainters, and contact information.